1 Getting Started

To get started in MyNewRituals, please follow these steps:

  • Press the “User” button

  • Enter your first name in one of the six boxes with your keyboard

  • Back to home
  • Press the “my class” button

  • Enter the first names of your students with your keyboard

  • Back to home
  • It’s over!

1 Import pictures

To import photos into the software you need to:

  • open the folder where MyNewRituals is installed (left-click on the shortcut icon on the desktop of your computer and click on “Open file location”)
  • drop your students’ pictures (in PNG format only) into the “PicturesUser” folder corresponding to your user number
  • rename photos with numbers (from 1 to 35) according to the table you have configured in the “my class” section.
Above Sophie is the student n ° 1, her photo (in the folder “PicturesUser1”) is simply called “1”, the picture of Clément is called “2”).

Attention: it is not necessary to homogenize the photos (the software calculates the ratio width / height of the photos and reframe them automatically) but the photos must have a small size (100ko are largely sufficient) not to overload the memory of your computer and risk to crash the software (for information: the cropped photos measure maximum 116 pixels/side in the software …).