1. – Description
  2. – Features
    1. – Managing your classroom
    2. – Presences
    3. – Weather
    4. – The date
    5. – The options
    6. – Languages
  3. – Support
    1. – Installation
    2. – Updates
  4.   – Activities  

1 – Description

MyNewRituals is a software for interactive whiteboards that allows you to manage the rituals of your class. Particularly suitable for kindergarten and primary classes, it offers several features that will allow you to easily realize the presences, the weather and the date each morning. Intuitive for teachers, it allows students to develop their language and enter and discover the written in a playful way. MyNewRituals does not require an internet connection to work.

2 – Features

1 – Managing your classroom

With MyNewRituals you no longer need to print and cut your labels: just choose your username and enter the first names of the students in your class, the rest is done automatically!

Up to 6 users can use the same software. Each user’s preferences are saved and loaded automatically. The selection of the user is done from the home page, by pressing the user button located at the top of the screen.


The page for the choice of the user. Here the user “Katrina” was selected: the list of her students and her options were automatically loaded.

Each user can configure a class of up to 35 students. As soon as a student’s first name is filled in, a name tag is created on the Attendance page. To delete a label just leave the field empty.

The list of students for the user class “Antoine”.

2 – Presences

Each student has a label with his or her first name. Once identified, he / she must move it from the “home” area (on the left of the screen) to the “school” area (to the right of the screen) to indicate his / her presence in the classroom. The labels are animated and change color randomly at each restart of the presence, to the delight of the students!

The Presence page. “Antoine” moves to the “school” zone. The title “BONJOUR!” can be configured in the options.

The Presence page contains several display options and a title bar that can be edited. You can choose the type, the size and the color of the writing. Buttons allow you to reorder labels, change their color, display the student’s first name when handling labels and start the “picture” mode (look at the help page to know how to import pictures).

Tip ⇒ The title can be used to display the current season (eg “It’s Spring”).

3 – Weather

During the weather of the day, the person in charge must form a sentence using the labels placed at his disposal. The placement of a label leads to the appearance of a weather effect. This system allows a first approach to the reading and construction of sentences. This page also includes a thermometer adjustable according to the temperature of the day (which can be displayed on a real thermometer in your class …).

Weather page: the effects of wind, cloud and rain were activated by placing the tags to form the sentence.

As with attendance, it is possible to modify the writing style and reorder the labels in one gesture. A “help” button helps students with a drawing that illustrates each of the labels.

Tip and Tip ⇒ The thermometer can be set in two ways: by pressing the +1 button (to count with the student) or by moving the cursor (to evaluate its knowledge of numbers and numbers).

4 – The date

As with the weather, the person responsible for the date must form one (or several) sentence (s) using labels. Several options are available on this page and allow you to display certain elements (month, year, etc.) according to your desires and the skills of your students. You can configure the standard phrases and the current year in the options.

The date page. You can decide whether to display certain items (the year, the phrase “yesterday”, etc.).

Tip ⇒ To enable students to better understand the concept of time and to better understand the organization of the time in days, months, years, classroom display and management of a permanent calendar is recommended .

5 – Options

The options page allows you to change the title of the attendance page and the sentences for the weather and for the date. It is on this page that you can switch the software in window mode and change the theme. Themes lead to graphic changes on all pages of the software. Each user can define the theme that will be associated with it.


The options page. The version number of the software is listed at the bottom right.

6 – Languages

The software is currently available in French, German, English. If you want to use it in a different language please contact me!

  1. – Support

1 – Installation

After downloading MyNewRituals you just need to run the file “MyNewRituals.exe” and follow the instructions on the screen to install it.

If the screen is distorted when you project the software onto your table, you can try changing the display resolution of your computer by following the steps below.

Start Menu ⇒Settings ⇒System ⇒Display ⇒Resolution

If the problem persists please send an email to

2 – Updates

Updates will be offered to you to make corrections and improvements to MyNewRituals. You can download them only on this site. To install an update follow the steps in the “Installation” paragraph above (the new version will “overwrite” the old one but your data will be saved.

4 – Activities

You can use MyNewRituals as a support for activities related to the recognition of words and forenames and to develop vocabulary.


Download mynewrituals